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Ribbons in New Jersey!

December 11, 2007

When I dedcided to make the ribbons for my own campaign I choose white ribbons with red beads. When a search is done on the internet you can get several different results for the color of the diabetes ribbon. Some results say the ribbons are red, some say the ribbons are white with red beads, and some say the ribbons are grey with red beads. When I was in the store I thought grey was too dull and the red ribbons reminded me of aids awareness. So I choose the white ribbons with a red bead. Anyway, a lady “Michelle” contatced me a couple of months ago about the conflicting information that’s on the internet about the color of the ribbons because she wanted to make them for her team members for a diabetes walk. I told her I choose white with red beads but I didn’t think it made a difference because the purpose is to promote diabetes awareness. I contacted Michelle a couple of days ago and she said her team raised over $3,000 and she sent me pics. She only gave them out to her team but wants to make them to pass out to others at the walk next year. Congratulations Michelle!

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