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To profit or non profit that is the question?

March 5, 2008

I called around today to get some help on how to properly set up my organization since I had a light bulb moment last night. My orignial thought was to turn it into a non profit but that has so much legal red tape I’m not for sure where to start. Which is what prompted the calls. I didn’t make it very far. It seems as though it’s unheard of to have a more than one non profit organization that is in support of diabetes. I think the American Diabetes Association does a great job of hosting events to support diabetes research to find a cure. I should know since I sit on a couple of there committees. But what I want is not to compete with the ADA but to compliment them by asking people to get tested for diabetes and provide diabetics resources to free and reduced health clinics, vision sceenings, dental exams and pharmacies. Eventually I would like to be able to provide people with diabetic testing supplies. Those are my goals but the question still remains. Should the organization be formed as a profit or non profit organization?

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