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Do You!

August 27, 2008

I recently read Russell Simmons book called Do You. It was very interesting and inspiring. The book is not about gaining financial success in it’s self but it’s more about gaining spirtual success and the rest will follow. These are all things that I grew up with so it was not new to me but it was refreshing to read something that I could relate to. He never took a hypocritical approach or the usually holy-er than thou speech. He admits to not being perfect, to struggling everyday with following the 12 steps and even says that he takes a break from Oct to New Years (not a full blown break but he relaxes a little bit more). It all just makes sense. He also talks about being true to yourself but being smart which is what I like to call playing the game. I believe how you liveyour life once you leave work could be totally opposite from who you are at work (as long as your not hurting anyone or commiting any crimes).  I also liked how he spoke about his religious beliefs but didn’t try to push it on you. One last note that I totaly agree with is once you make the decision to pursue your spiritual self you will be challenged and with every challenge you have to hold onto your beliefs and know that GOD (or whoever you worship) has your back.


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