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Whatcha doing?

September 2, 2008

Mom, whatcha doing? My eight year old asks me time and time again when he see’s me on the computer tapping away. No matter what answer I give him (and sometimes I can be pretty creative) “emailing those aliens that stopped by last night.” After he gives me the deer in headlights look I tell him I’m only kidding. If aliens did come by I would wake him because of course he thinks it’s cool. Typical boy I guess, LOL!

I spent alot of this weekend finding different diabetes groups, blogs, building facebook and flickr accounts (for me), thinking of where to have a potential diabetes sisters day event (another group I’m a part of) and trying to decide when to reschedule my meeting with my peeps for ideas to help the local ADA in there efforts to fundraise. Whew! Good thing it was a three day weekend. Not alot of housework got done but my blood sugars were awesome this weekend. I think it’s because I was not stressing my self out. I was working on stuff that I like to do (anything diabetes related, of course!).

Which says alot about the role stress plays when it comes to your blood sugars. Or at least my blood sugars. I don’t tend to eat alot of sweets and never really have (even before the diagnoses at 16). My meals are and really always have been balanced since I have the luxury and blessing of living with my grandmother who is from the south and loves to cook or use to now she says she’s retired. And I guess she should be since she’s 67 and we are all more than capable of cooking but of course not as good as her. LOL!

Anyway, my point being I always have been a worry wart even as a young child. I was the serious one, what alot of the old heads called an “old soul”. Meaning I was about 10 to 20 years older in mentality than most other kids my age. Which also meant I worried instead of played freely. And as an adult I’m trying to find the time to just do the things that I love. So if it means volunteer all of my free time to something diabetes related because it make me happy then so be it. And as a result my blood sugars are usually a lot more stable and in good range.  So here’s to everything diabetes related. Wish me luck and blessings!


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  1. diabeticizme permalink
    September 3, 2008 2:01 am

    lol! Your son sounds like my 2 year old daughter! lol
    Keep up the good work! even though I am in Cali if you need help let me know.


  2. September 4, 2008 9:03 pm

    Hi Andrea

    I stumbled here from Windy’s blog (you commented on her hilarious vlog).

    If you’re looking for diabetes stuff, please try my diabetes search engine ( It’s got a lot of great sites in there – and the ad money goes to a great diabetes cause.

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