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September 9, 2008

I can always tell when I’m going to be sick. My BG is usually really high one day (not lower than the 200’s) and the next day it’s realy low (not higher than 100). It’s my body being attacked by some virus and there is no way around being sick. Why? Besides the fact I live in Kansas City and the weather here is so unpredictable (high of 59 today and 80 tomorrow) I also have two little ones ones (one is in school) and kids+school=being sick, isn’t that a lovely equation?

My issue with being sick is I never have time to fit it in my schedule. Somehow it doesn’t understand that I have 1,000 things to do and it will need to reschedule because right now is not a good time. Being sick doesn’t care it decides when it wants to come and when it’s going to leave. Even after I stop what I’m doing and go to the doctor to get the antibiotics (becasue over the counter never works) it still takes it’s time to leave. Being sick is never in a rush to leave but always in a rush to get here. I don’t like being sick, as a matter of fact I down right hate it. It makes me move at a turtles pace, my mind is as empty as an old warehouse and it doesn’t play well with my diabetes. It’s like having twins who are both going through the terrible two’s.

My kids were sick last week so yeah I know it’s here waiting to rear it’s ugly head, wipe out my incredibly crammed schedule and take over. 


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  1. Cherise permalink
    September 11, 2008 1:06 am

    I hope you feel better soon!

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