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10 days and counting

September 18, 2008

It seems like only yesterday when it was Spring and the Step Out was still six months away. We are now down to the wire with less than two weeks to go before the big day. I’m on th committee and I really love all of the members because each one brings their own sense of style and flavor. It’s a very nice mix of people from all different backgrounds and is headed up by one of the most sweetest, purest, loveable, huggable people I have ever met. Conincidentally her name is Andrea too! Lucky gal, I know.

As we quickly approach the 2nd annual Step Out to Fight Diabetes health and wellness fair I get very excited. I can’t believe it’s here (mostly because there is still so much to do), I wish it was over so we can start planning for next year and I can’t wait until the actual day to see how everything comes together. Yes all those emotions mixed into one. I’m very fortunate to be a part of something that I know is going to turn into a huge event in Kansas City. Through the dedication and hardwork of the committee, the love from the public and the fact we have 320,000 people right here in Kansas City living with the disease this event will not only meet it’s minimum number of participants but exceed it.

Do you host or a part of an event for diabetes? If so, what has worked for you in getting particpants to the event? What didn’t work? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Cherise permalink
    September 18, 2008 3:02 am


    Hello! I have never formed or been apart of any Diabetic event. I am a bad planner, since my Husband is in the Military things change all the time. I tried to be apart in the Step out campaign here but it didn’t work out. I am thinking about coming back to K.C., MO next year to participate. I know tons of people there and I know I could get a good team going.


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