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Mani & Pedi

September 24, 2008

Saturday I had my very first pedicure and it was wonderful. I’ve always stayed away from them because of my diabetes. I never actually knew what all a pedicure involved and couldn’t figure out why it was so forbidden. A couple of women at work went and got a pedicure so I asked them and they told me they massage, soak, and scrap your feet. Whoa! Scrap my feet?! I wasn’t for sure that I wanted a pedicure after hearing that but the girls at work assured me that is only done to remove dead skin. Well maybe it would be ok since I don’t have any dead skin. I keep my feet pretty mosturized because they  stay so dry.

Still I was a little apprehensive when my little cousin called and asked me to go with her. Which was so special for me. Girly bonding time I love it. I’m such a girly girl and anything like that is right up my alley. So we picked a place at the mall, decided what we were going to get (there are so many different types of manicures available), picked our nail polish and headed toward the massage chairs. And then I put my foot in the water….OMG! The water was so hot but I smiled and put the other foot in. The nail tech must have saw how up tight I was because she immediately turned the chair on and soon everything was a ok.

Two hours and an unmentionable amount of money later my cousin and I left the mini spa/vacation and vowed to come back at least once a month for pedis and twice a month for manis. All perfect timing for my conference at the Lake tomorrow.


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  1. Cherise permalink
    September 25, 2008 2:25 am

    lol! too funny! My Endo told me to go get a pedicure it’s good for the foot:) I am glad you enjoyed yourself. You deserve it

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