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Hello?! Is this thing on?!!!!

October 23, 2008

I love reading other blogs on all kinds of topics, although most are diabetic blogs. It’s very interesting to see the wide variety of blogs in the blogosphere today when just five or six years ago most were unheard of. It seems like I was one of the last people to start blogging. Once I started this blog about a year ago it mostly sat until about 2-3 months ago. 

It feels like I’m still trying to find my voice. Who do I want to read my blog, why would they want to read it and how big do I want this to be? All are very important questions that need to be answered but my mind tends to wander over to my website when I try to answer them. I need to answer the exact same questions about my website but when I start to answer those questions I draw a blank. Well not really a blank I just have so many ideas in my head it seems like I hit “brain overload” and the next thing you know BOOM! Words are everywhere and none of it makes sense as I try to clean up the mess. Frustration sets in as I scramble to put the words back together in  my mind.  So many thoughts, so little time, 2 hours pass and still nothings done, Hello? Is this thing on?

Sorry I had to do that it was in there and was just dying to get it out. Now back to my issue, for the blog I want to tell what living with diabetes is like as a young African-American, single mom of two vivacious boys, that works full time, goes to school part-time, all while living in Kansas City. For the website i would like it to be a resource of diabetes information that is available in the Kansas City area aimed towards African-American women. The last I checked there are 320,000 people living with diabetes in the Kansas City area. I’m not for sure how many are African-American women but we are #2 when it comes to statistics of people living with this disease.

I have this deep burning fire and desire (kinda like Tina Marie & Rick James) inside of me that says I need to do something. I feel like it is really why I was put here, sorta like my calling. Now how do I get started? Am I on the right track? What do hello do I do next? Hmmmm……………..any thoughts, opinions, suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment and until next time wish me luck and many blessings!

Andrea B.

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  1. Cherise permalink
    October 30, 2008 1:47 am

    I think you are doing a great job!!

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