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Ways you can help

February 2, 2009

I have added a page called Ways you can help. This page will be dedicated to ways that you can help raise awareness of diabetes. So far I have my ribbon campaign and my recent endeavor with Stick Me Designs.

Rickina owns Stick Me Designs and has come up with a wonderful referral program called Stick Me Sidekick. When you become a Stick Me Sidekick you get your very own discount code that can be used when someone purchases any deluxe carry case. It costs you nothing to be a part of the referral program. Everytime your code is used you get $10 as a referral fee and the code can be used multiple times. For more information contact Stick Me Designs.

I have decided to donate my referral fee to a diabetes charity or program.  I’m still working out the details on how to choose a charity/program, how long they would receive the fee, etc.  Eventually I would like to participate in the Sidekick Star program where I would purchase accessories in bulk at wholesale prices and then sell them on my own. Profits would be donated to a diabetes charity or program. Check back for more details.

Check out my new page  and tell me what you think.

Talk about it because Everyone Knows Someone!

Andrea B.

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