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A great contest and a great website

April 17, 2009

Christie (who is one of my favorite non diabetes bloggers) is having a contest on her blog My Life a Work in Progress. She is giving away three 1 year memberships to A Flash in the Pan. It was created by two professional chefs (Max and Nancy Duley), A Flash In The Pan caters to people who love food. Whether you’re looking for diabetes, gluten-free, kid-friendly, quick and healthy, no red meat or anything goes lifestyles, we have something for you. Fresh flavors, seasonal ingredients, simple prep and delicious outcomes.”

Back up did they say they cater to diabetics? They sure did! Totally awesome right? This service sounds incredible and what really caught my eye is when you join their service 10% of their profit goes to medical research. When you sign up for an account you get to choose if you want your donation to go to diabetes, autism or celiac research. Totally cool!

The contest ends Tuesday April 21 so hurry!

Talk about it because EveryoneKnows Someone!

Andrea B.

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