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Cars, Chaos, and Payless

June 22, 2009

Saturday my mom and I took my two boys Dre’ and Fuss to get sandals at Payless. In what should have been a short and simple trip turned into a bit of chaos at the cash register. How? Well let’s rewind to about 2 days ago. It had been  sprinkling off and on all day until we left the house and then it began to POUR! I stopped by my mom’s house to pick her up and the rain was not letting up. She decided to go through the garage so she could grab her umbrella out of the car. She popped her trunk and grabbed her umbrella and as she let it up the handle came completely off. So there she was standing in the garage with a frustrated look on her face now with two umbrella’s. She turned and looked at me like now what? I shrugged my shoulders and cracked up on the inside. She ran toward the car and when she got in I asked her why she still had the umbrella in her hand. Yes both pieces! We laughed and off to BOGO  Payless we went.

At the store Dre’ found some simple slip your foot in sandals (they look more like house shoes to me but whatever) and Fuss fell in love with a pair of Cars sandals. Chubba sandals 06-09Mom and I walked around for a little while in amazement as to how the store has changed over the years. After trying on a couple of pair and talking ourselves out of each one we moved  toward the cashier. I plooped the box that Fuss’s sandals came in on the counter and was headed over to check out the purses when the lady behind the register told me that she needed Fuss’s left shoe so she could take the security tag off. No big deal right? Wrong! I bent down to take off his shoe and that’s when all hell broke loose. I got the shoe off but there was screaming, fussing and if I wasn’t mistaking I thought I heard some swearing (just kidding). Seriously he really did sound like Donald Duck. The whole while this is going on the cashier is fumbling trying to get the security tag off (like this was the first time she had done this today) and I’m thinking come on lady hurry up. Because what can you do with a screaming toddler?

Now wait a minute! I know what your thinking and your right if this was when my parents were growing up you could do that in public without going to jail and people would even stop and help you but not nowadays. I’m standing there trying to shhhh him and I’m thinking I always said I would never be one of those parents that had the child that fell out in the middle of the store because they didn’t get that toy that they wanted and look at me now. Here I am with my child acting a fool in the middle of the store and all over a Cars sandal.

Anyway back to the story.

In what seemed like 2 hours later (which was probably all of about 2 minutes or less) she handed me his shoe back and all was good in the world again. The funny part about the whole thing is that my mom nicknamed him Fuss from the very first day he was born. Who would have known that it would fit him so well?

Talk about it because Everyone Knows Someone!

Andrea B.

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