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For Insulin Needles Only

September 22, 2009

Friday I had to go downtown to our corporate office. I always dread going down there, mostly because of the parking. If you’ve ever lived in Kansas City (or visited for any length of time) then you know that the parking and traffic downtown stinks. Some streets are one ways, others are not, people are walking in every direction, and during rush hour cars are bumper to bumper. Don’t get me started on the parking at Town Pavilion.

While down there I popped into one of the restrooms and to my surprise I saw this

For Insulin Needles Only

I didn’t have my phone on me at the time so I ran (not really) and grabbed my phone. I had to get a picture of this. After getting the shot I came out of the bathroom with a huge grin on my face. Joy filled my body and it made the rest of my day move along with ease.

Talk about it because Everyone Knows Someone!

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  1. tmana permalink
    September 22, 2009 11:03 am

    I have been finding sharps disposal units in many of the rest stops along the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. It’s not consistent: some have disposals in both men’s and women’s rooms, some in only the one rather than the other, and some don’t have any — but I’m definitely glad there’s a safe place to dispose of needles and used lancets.

    BTW, I know of other “invisible diseases” that require “shooting up” away from home… While I’m glad to see they mean “business” (I’ve been told a number of Atlantic City casinos removed sharps disposal containers from their public restrooms because they were being misused as general trash receptacles), I’d rather these facilities be available for all people who have a genuine medical need of them, not just PWD…

  2. September 22, 2009 12:00 pm

    That’s awesome! I haven’t ran into one of those yet.

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